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ATN - NOOITGEDAGT B.V. is an independent company of Airport Engineers and Consultants, consisting of Airport Operational Specialists and Mechanical, Electrical, Electronical, Environmental Engineers, which was founded in 1994, with the aim of providing Air-port/base specialized know-how and general and detailed technical/operational services with regard to the development of typical airport engineering services with all associated facilities.

We are one of the few consulting firms that are specialized in typical technical and operational installations and systems for military and civil aviation airports. Most of our experience was gained by our engineers over a period of more than 30 years from projects and assignments executed for the United Nations (ICAO), NATO, European Union, Airport Authorities and various Governments, Ministries and/or Consultants.

ATN - NOOITGEDAGT's range of services extend to many aspects of airport engineering, from project initiation, project assessment and surveys, feasibility studies, site selection, project planning, environmental studies, preliminary and final design, preparation of Tender documents, selection of contractors, to construction management, Project supervision, Factory and Site Acceptance, Testing and Commissioning.

These services include the determination of airport requirements and capacities based on forecasts, design of runway and taxiway configurations, parking aprons, power plants, aviation lighting, navigational aids, environmental requirements, Air-traffic control and management systems, and procedure design with related typical technical installations for Civil / Military Airports.

A number of projects are or have been executed in collaboration with local engineering and international operating offices, institutes and organizations, thereby maximizing the use of local talent and promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology.


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